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Monthly Innovation

Among the goals of RU i-Tech is to encourage people with innovative ideas to make their ideas come to life. To accomplish that, RU i-Tech staffs are always on their toes on preparation of the venue, invitation of speakers from different industries and allowing audience to show up during the Forum.


As a club, we provide tech clinic service per semester where we are allow both students and staff to bring their own devices for maintenance and IT consultations.

Software Development

We provide software applications which are best suite our clients.

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Quality Staff

With groundbreaking leaders, the RUi-tech club is among the best and most vibrant clubs in Riara. The leaders who are voted for by club members after a period of one year are working tremendously to make sure they meet members expectations and achieve the objectives of the club. Our constitution which is maintained and amended by board of leaders, and before passing the constitution officially, we normally let the club members review the changes made by the board.

Networking opportunities

- Members will get to connect with club members, industry players and techies from other institutions. Joining RUi-Tech will not only benefit you academically but also open up internship and job opportunities.

Well-Equipped Lab

RUi-tech members can access the lab in order to come up with innovative ideas. The lab has all necessary features like Cisco servers, computers, switches and toolboxes.

What Pioneers say

Real world skills

RUi-Tech gives members a real platform where they can horn skills learnt in books and lecture rooms. The organization focuses on absolute transformation of a member from being theoretically competent to being technically and technologically astute. This is achieved by impacting the members with innovative, team work, programming, business and project management skills that are rarely taught in full measure in a class setting.

Godfrey Njoroge (RUi-Tech Founder)

Board Of Members

Julius Ntheketha

Julius Ntheketha

Gideon Kiplangat

Gideon Kiplangat

Director of Admin
Sandra Ndirangu

Sandra Ndirangu

Finance Director
Albert Ng'ang'a

Albert Ng'ang'a

Director of Internal Affairs
Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis